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Price: $ 32

Use this tool to get correct serial


Wrong Serial applied we are not responsible 


This service is at API now Please do not do Any Mistake we are not responsible for any mistake 


Correct Seial no start from: MICBX




Do not submit incomplete or wrong serial 


we or miracle team not responsible for any mistake


here is the link to the software to read serial: Link to download exe




Note: This Activation will work only for Miracle key ( Box Not Supported ) Incase of wrong Serial Team will Not Refund so be carefull before send Please !!


Falcon Activation is a new generation mobile phones repair software tool for HTC |BlackBerry | Huawei | Samsung | Qualcomm | ZTE | LG and other well-known brands.




Important Note: Wrong Serial Wrong Order Small Word serial Strictly Not Refundable dont ask for Refund Before Send Order Must Check your serial properly otherwise not refund able!!